The Top Five Most Dangerous Android Virus

The Top Five Most Dangerous Android Virus

Malware programs don’t only harm Computer devices. There are also some crazy software programs created with the sole purpose of infecting smartphones. The dangerous android virus is systematically designed to capture personal information of the users.

Most of these viruses appear useful and legit at first but once installed they can wreak havoc on the victim’s device and thereby directly or indirectly harm such person.

You should also know that most of this malware have been programmed to self- install themselves and also bypass any Antivirus programmed on the device. An example of this type of Malware is the Polymorphic virus.

So today, we would be looking at the 5 most dangerous Android Viruses

1). Godless

We start the list with this virus, Godless. This is an android virus that when it infects your phone, it roots it immediately it screen switches off. So there is a high possibility that you might not know that your phone has been infected. One of the most dangerous android virus.

Also known as Android_GODLESS.HRX, can receive encrypted instructions from its programmer on which app to download and silently install it on your phone, and of course without your permission. This may lead to receiving of the unwanted app and can lead to getting unsolicited ads.

The app was found on Google play store around 2016 but has been removed. Though it has been removed Godless can be found in legitimate apps as it aligns itself with them.

2). Geinimi Trojan

This virus falls under the Trojan horse virus. It was first detected after going viral in China, around November 2010. Geinimi pretends and sometimes align itself with legitimate gaming apps.

Once it has propagated on the victim’s device, it begins to harvest from the device, pieces of information such as IMEI number, IMSI number, the device hardware information, and all the telephone numbers found in the device.

Apart from all these, Geinimi has the ability to receive commands from it programmer to execute different actions such as making calls and sending SMS. These abilities make it one of the most  complex Android Malware.


This Android virus changes your browser settings and default homepage. Once it is in a device it changes everything about the browser.

These changes include a replacement of the default search engine, installation of new shortcut buttons and toolbar. And once all these have been completed, the victim’s device starts receiving unwanted ads, pop-ups, and Ad banners.

When you try to load the page with your browser it redirects you to another site with the aim of increasing their popularity. And the crazy thing about this malware is that when you try deleting it files it will re-install itself again.

4). HummingBad

This Android Malware can be contracted by something called click fraud. The developers create a type of adware that once it is clicked, the Malware HummingBad gains root access to the operating system of the device. Now such a device starts to display unsolicited ads. And new app gets downloaded without getting any permission from the owner of the device.

Other symptoms include frequently running out of battery and seeing getting numerous system update notifications.

5). Shedun

Shedun is a family of Malware software. It is split into three and they all share about 80% of the same source code. Its mode of attack is almost similar to HummingBad.

The only difference is that Shedun packages itself as popular legitimate apps like, Facebook, WhatsApp, Candy Crush, Snapchat and Twitter. Then once you download these cloned apps you start getting unwanted ads.

The Shedun Virus family automatically roots a device thereby making it hard to get rid of. Any device that gets infected with Shedun is most likely to become useless, as it is hard to get rid of as they keep propagated themselves. So once your mobile phone gets infected with Shedun, you might have no option than to get a new one.

Final Thoughts

Getting any of these Android Viruses is dangerous. All your privacy is no more private and you keep getting annoying ad banners, pop-ups, and the likes. And most of the time once your device gets malware it becomes useless as there is almost no way to troubleshoot it. So I will leave you with just three pieces of advice.

Three Ways To Stop Your Phone From Getting A Malware

  1. Always get the best Antivirus software you can get, either
    free or paid.
  2. Never download your software from any other App market
    aside from Play Store. And if you must always scan them
  3. Never click on strange ads that Pop-up directly from
    your phone. 

And always remember that prevention is always better and easier than removal. Don’t just download anything you see. Always take your time and be sure of the source you are about to download from is legitimate.

And it is always advisable to stick to Google Play Store if you can.

So, hope like this article of the top 5 major dangerous android virus. So, keep sharing the information with everyone, but still some points are there to see.

Simple Ways to Protect Your Phone From Android Virus

These days, the Android virus is very rampant. Today we bring easy to avoid this malware. If these steps are taking religiously, your device guaranteed not to get infected.

1. Always make sure that your Android version is up to date.

One of the best ways to keep you Android device safe is to always update the version. Apart from the new features that comes with updating your Android version, it also helps in keeping bugs away from your device. A simple way to update your Android device: Go to Settings, then scroll down to the system advance. In some devices, it is About phone. You would see
System update when you scroll down. After clicking on it, you
would see your update status. Then you know whether your device
is up to date or if a new vesion is available for downloading.

2. Get an antivirus software

This is also an assured way of protecting your phone against malware. There are quite a lot of antivirus software, both free and paid that are authentic at preventing malware. On the free side we have AVIRA antivirus, BITDENDER antivirus free, ESET AND so on. Now, if you have a few dollars to spare, you can consider NORTON mobile security, AVAST, McAFREE e.t.c.

3. Never Install Apps from unknown sources

This is the easiest way to evade contracting malware. Always make sure that all the apps you intend downloading are from the Google Play store. Installing apps from other apps markets aside Play store is very harmful and can cause damages to your Android device.

4. Read Apps permission before conseting

Just Luke terms and conditions, we all tend not to read app permissions request when installing new apps. No matter the source or app market you get an application from, you would always have to grant the app permission to carry out activities on your device. Some apps request to access your gallery, some access your social media, while some record your keystrokes. This means all your passwords, usernames, emails are being recorded. So it is in your best interest to read and app permission when installing.

Never install an app if you are not sure of what it does.

In this regard, it is best you apply common sense. Never install what you are not sure of. When you get a message or email asking you to try an app out if you look the app came up on Google and can’t find exactly what it does, do not download. And always try to read user’s reviews of an app on Google Play store before downloading.


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