11+ Free Plagiarism Checker Tools For Students & Bloggers [2021]

11+ Free Plagiarism Checker Tools For Students & Bloggers [2021]

Plagiarism is the term used to refer the duplicated text or work which is originated from the different source and used somewhere else .

In today’s digital world, its a arena where you have to keep up to date data and with very vast amount of knowledge floating around its difficult to keep yourself unique when it comes to content writing, thesis, assignments and other writing materials online.

Many universities and institutions are ready to tackle the piracy problem with the student materials. Also in the internet world you have to keep yourself unique and unmatched to keep yourself ranked high on the table.
So for this problem, we have a list of some top plagiarism tools and software that will help you to identify your text uniqueness. 

So for creating the perfect content you definitely need the plagiarism checker tool for the assistance. Here’s our list of Top Plagiarism checker software /tool .

1> Quetext

Quetext is one of the best plagiarism  checker tool in the industry. Providing solutions to teachers, Students, Professionals, Writers and Bloggers. More than 5 million projects are cross checked worldwide with the help of Quetext till now and the numbers are still growing. Quetext is powered by the DeepSearch Technology to give the accurate results.


  • Deep Search Technology usage for advanced search algorithms
  • Citation Assistant
  • Interactive snippet texts


  • 500 words per use in free versions.
  • Only 3 free searches are allowed.
  • Exporting the report is not available in free plan.

2> Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the top advanced tool and a well known brand when it comes to the plagiarism and grammar checker tool list.  Only compare data from online internet sources as it does not compare text from the hard copies published books and theories and thesis.

Some of its features are mentioned below (PROS).

  • Eliminate all errors from the text.
  • Helps you to become a good writer.
  • Shows percentage of plagiarism.
  • Detailed report output.


  • Does not recognize mathematics symbol.
  • Its library and search algorithm are updating over the years but still this tool also failed to detect plagiarism in rare cases which can cause a false report generation.

3> ProWritingAid

Pro Writing Aid is an advanced tool that is providing services for checking plagiarism from a very long time. One of the most advanced and professional software especially designed for the writers to cross check their grammar mistakes and Plagiarism  interference in the content.

Although its a premium software but still they are providing some limited facilities in the free version .Lets have a look at them.

  • Only generate summary report of key issues and topics.
  • Free version only include the usage up to 19 writing reports
  • Limit of 500 words per use.
  • You can only use it online in the free version .


  • Highly costly device after free version ends.
  • Only 50 Plagiarism checks per year are allowed.

4> Scribbr (in partnership with Turnitin)

Especially designed for students, Scribber gives opportunity to students and individual to experiences hassle free , easy to use interface to check plagiarism and grammar from your papers , thesis and other content documents. Showing report of the test in percentage and also gives the references to the sources of original and similar texts. It also gives access to the great Knowledge base that helps you to avoid Plagiarism  for the future use.


  • It detects more Plagiarism than any other software in the competition
  • Big size database.
  • Gives opportunity to manually save or delete the uploaded text or documents .


  • It does not provide free access as you have to pay fees for experiencing such a quality service.

Compilatio Studium

Do you want to escape from punishment as a student then this tool is your best friend for analysing the document and you text work before submission. Gives guidance on how to avoid the plagiarism from the content. A go to use tool for the students who are looking to submit their assignments and thesis or other study material  in the institutions.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Reliable and trusted report generation


  • Free trial ends soon.
  • You have buy credits for regular usage

6> Small SEO Tools

Although its a very known brand when it comes to check the plagiarism and grammar mistakes in the document . It can be useful for small section of the text document. It creates a plagiarism report which is further divided into three different views .
1. It highlights the plagiarised text .
2. Matched source view
3.Sentence wise result
All in all its an easy to use tool but not suitable for the large documents or papers .


  • Three dimensional view in the output report


  • Word limit is stick to 1000 words per check.

7> Duplichecker

Duplichecker is a simple to use and reliable tool for Plagiarism  checker .It helps to find the duplicate content of the particular section of the text. Not like other costly tools like Grammarly Pro or others, Duplichecker does the job pretty well when it comes to grammar check or Plagiarism  check.

Lets have a brief explanation of the features and reliability of Duplichecker.

  • Its a free to use tool , No cost required to use the tool.
  • You can upload various type of file such as .doc .docx .pdf and many more.
  • Url plugin facility for no copy paste or file upload problem. You can simply attach the URL of the file and rest is taken care by the tool .
  • Additional feature of checking and analysing grammar in the text.

Although its a reliable tool for the small businesses but it has some drawbacks .Lets have aa look at it.

  • Not able to scan the plagiarism on quoted texts or phrases.
  • Data base is not so big.
  • Word limit per scan is 1000.

8> Plagscan

Plagscan is one of the most used software by the some of the top universities and colleges for their assistance. Its very easy to use with simple navigation access . A wide no. of users of this software are from Germany as its a well known and prominent tool for Plagiarism  check in the European countries. PlagScan already scanned millions of documents , Websites , Papers and many more.

Pros :

  • Plagscan offers best service especially to teachers and post intuitions workers.
  • Offers help on how to avoid Plagiarism from the content.
  • No software installation required.


  • Only 2000 word limit in the free trial
  • Sometime takes a lot of time for report generation when traffic is high on the website

9> BibMe

Its a web based platform for plagiarism check which generates the plagiarism report by showing the highlighted view of the plagiarized text. Also generate and give suggestions on the grammar and spelling check for the uploaded content or text . Supported almost all browsers with windows platform Bibme comes in with English language support and suitable for all industry and domestic usage.


  • Comes with the feature of real time changes facility to the particular uploaded text.
  • Annotated bibliography feature
  • Full in depth check for the uploaded text.
  • Improves writing quality by informing and highlights Plagiarism and cite as per proper citation guidelines.


  • Only one language available i.e English.
  • You can only access the tool through computer. No access facility through any other device.
  • You can not export your Plagiarism report of the content.


Last on the list but surely not the least, its one of the leading software when it comes to check Plagiarism  form the content. Awarded by many customer reviews CopySpace is giving the services for free trial. Its an instant plagiarism checker tool which is widely used by some of top leading writers and institutes for checking the plagiarism.


  • Easy and Simple to use interface.
  • FAQ options for discussing some common problems.
  • Ad free interface.
  • Full detailed report.


  • Sometimes it gives irrelevant report that has no link to the original texts.
  • Free trial does not give full detailed report.

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