Top 5 Upcoming Digital Marketing Trends in 2021 That Change Marketing Drastically

Top 5 Upcoming Digital Marketing Trends in 2021 That Change Marketing Drastically

Digital marketing plays a major role nowadays in every business. As it increase the reach of the product to the targeted audience. We know it impacts every bit of the online marketing, there are some tools which definitely make noise in the market in the coming year.

There are types of trends which plays a vital role in 2021. They are discussed below :

1.) Video Marketing Trend :

Video marketing is the backbone of the digital marketing process. Nowadays people are interact much more with the videos that inform more about the product. It helps in analyzing and feel the pros and cons of product without actually visiting to a store.

2) Chatbots with Artificial Intelligence :

In 2020 especially after the pandemic almost every business serve their customer query with the chat bots .

It offers instant resolution of common issues that customer faces. But with the AI it also helps to give the data and reports of customer feedback about the product which definitely help business in R&D process.

Customer care departments are definitely going to Increase the use of AI chatbots which will help to reduce employee and handle much more queries at a high speed with accuracy. Chat bots are acquired at a increasing rate in the coming year 2021.


3) Influencer Marketing

 If you are on any kind of social media, then probably recognize the importance of people who influence a no. of audience and how they’re setting collaborations with brands in a way that benefits both parties.

With 87% of people reporting influencers have inspired them to make a purchase, Businesses surely try to leverage influencers to boost engagement and leads in 2021.

In the coming year 2021 everyone will see that brands continuing to promote their content and products with brand ambassadors on visual platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

4) Voice Search

Machines are catching up with the way people want to search, shop, and interact with their devices. One thing is clear that people like to talk!

Voice-activated devices like Alexa, Siri, and Google continue to make their way up in popularity, with some staggering numbers i.e. 27% of the global online population using voice search on hand devices such as mobile and tablets.

As it becomes more widespread, businesses will need to use voice search trends to inform their strategies and content creation. This will definitely going to be one of the top trend in 2021.

5) The Omnichannel Channel Approach

Omnichannel marketing is the process of ensuring customers and other prospects have a smooth and hassle free experience with a business or brand across multiple platforms and devices.

90% of customers expect consistent interaction across multiple channels, and to be able to switch between them as they please. Today customers are connecting with brands across multiple platforms , including email, apps, and social media platforms.

6) More Interactive Events and Education

Interactive events include webinars, online conferences, and more casual social media sessions on platforms such as Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and YouTube Live.

Grand View Research reports that the size of the global virtual events market was close to 78 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow about 50% from 2021 to 2027, an estimate that is probably rather conservative.

Virtual events have several key advantages over live events.

  • People can attend from anywhere. Geography is not a
  • Its much cheaper and simpler to set
  • Its easier to collect information. When people register for an online event, they must submit their information.
  • You can easily measure your results. Analytics come naturally when you hold online events. You can track attendees, how long people remain, engagement, and more.


7) Programmatic Advertising Trend

Programmatic advertising is changing the method of digital advertising so quickly. Basically, using artificial intelligence for automating ad buying which allow us to target more particular audience.

After pandemic , In India there will be 86.2% of digital display programmatic ads in 2021.


I hope you will get benefits and rise in your campaign by following these tools and adding them to your inventory. Changing and adding features according to the customer’s nature is always a path to a successful online marketing campaign.


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