Google Updates November 2019

Google Updates November 2019

Let’s discuss how many Google updates happened in November 2019.

Unconfirmed Google updates happened in November 2019.

Bedlam Update – Google Updates November 2019

Google Local update happened in November 2019. This update is known as the Bedlam update. This update is related to Google’s local listings or the search results shown in the Google maps.

This update was only related to the relevancy of the search query of the user. It is not related to proximity.

November 8th Unconfirmed Update

There was an unconfirmed update on 8th November which was related to search ranking results. Many were got a very good hike in traffic and many got a decline in the traffic. On 13th November, Google confirmed that there was an algorithm update.

Google My Business Local Business Listing Update

There was a huge GMB update that happened in November 2019. These local pack update hit many local businesses. Massive ranking changes happened in local rankings.

There were so many unconfirmed Google algorithmic updates that happened in 2019.

On 7th November local listing update, on 15th Nov Bedlam update, On 27th November Core Algo updates not about links, on 13th, 18th, 19th and 22nd November there were so many updates happened.

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