6 reasons why people need Instagram: pampering or necessity?

6 reasons why people need Instagram: pampering or necessity?

“What a stupid occupation and a waste of time!” – Most people think when they hear about Instagram. And really, why do people need Instagram? For what purpose do they systematically upload photos to this social network and what do they expect from maintaining an account? Do they just have nothing to do or are they planning to show off their own life?

6 main reasons why people create an account and Instagram:

Perhaps after reading, and you want to register in this American social photo network?

What is Instagram – what is famous for and why is it needed

Instagram is an application for sharing photos and videos. Regardless of the presence of real friends on the network, Instagram allows you to “show” personal pictures to a wide range of readers from around the world. Or view thousands of photos from different users.

Quite interesting, only, the question remained open: why do people post their pictures on Instagram so that others can see?

Instagram – a tablet for happiness

Reason No. 1 – ostentatiousness

Perhaps the banalest and common reason for posting photos on Instagram is an irresistible desire to put your life on display. Individuals who want to be watched and liked – often put themselves above themselves and consider their life much more successful than most. Counting pleasant comments and “hearts” – they revel in their own success, again and again adding colorful photos.

Surprisingly, psychologists say that such “boasting” helps psychologically: it maintains an acceptable level of self-esteem, develops a dense psychological wall from possible attacks and criticism of others.

Reason No. 2 – exceptional earnings

For many, it will be a discovery, but by Instagram you can earn a decent amount, sometimes reaching the cost of a one-room apartment. Yes, you heard right, Instagram is a kind of business, and the owner is nothing more than his owner, who is doing everything to increase the number of “customers”.

How does it work?

An account with a well-thought-out history is primarily created. Further, according to the plan, photos are laid out that lure users to enter the page.

If the promotion is successful, users who want to constantly monitor the life of the owner subscribe to the account. Where there are visitors – there is also advertising. Noticing the “untwisted” account on Instagram, advertisers willingly offer money for advertising their products. Moreover, the more subscribers, the higher the cost.

Reason number 3 – the sale of goods and services

To create a business on Instagram, it’s not at all necessary to “sell” personal photos and your life story. Resourceful entrepreneurs create pages on Instagram with the aim of selling any things, trinkets or services. As a rule, products actively advertised in this social network do not represent any value.

To increase sales and “pair something unique,” ​​business gurus order advertising posts from media personalities. Those, in turn, for an impressive amount are actively presenting information about this product to their subscribers.

Of course, trading on Instagram does not always work on the basis of “find someone to push what is unnecessary.” Often, an account is created by existing, long-running stores and outlets. Thus, they only expand the possibilities of attracting a potential buyer, who noticed their goods on Instagram.

Reason # 4 – “selling yourself”

Another option for organizing an account in order to earn money and answer the question of why people need Instagram is advertising themselves. Sexy photos, stunning outfits, a captivating look, and erotically plump lips. No, this girl will not chase well-paid advertising, her goal is a wealthy young man who wants to live with her all his life.

By the way, such self-promotion very often becomes a successful venture. Indeed, guys like to browse girls’ accounts on social networks, choosing the best one. Another question is how long will they be with her?

Reason number 5 – creativity

Landscapes, sunsets, and photos of the river surface – some personalities are Instagram solely for the purpose of creative realization. They simply have nowhere else to layout, in their opinion, the masterpieces of nature/animals/people, and they seek recognition in the vastness of social networks.

As a rule, there are no specifics on such amateur photographs. As befits a creative person, such accounts do not have a clear line of “behavior”, systematic layout and administrator.

This may include sellers of hand made products.

Reason # 6 – diary writer

Some lovers of the past:

The main motivation for creating an Instagram for such people is combining and storing photos, with their easy viewing ability.

As a rule, such a psycho type is prone to creation, and his favorite pastime is leafing through photo cards. “This is a single album, it will never be lost upon moving and is always at hand,” such an Instagrammer will tell you because from childhood he loved to write down his life story in diaries and photo albums.

You still don’t understand why people need Instagram and what is a stupid idea? Or did you change your mind by “looking” for some benefits from putting photos for yourself? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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