Top SEO Interview Question and Answers In 2020

Top SEO Interview Question and Answers In 2020

Digital marketing is at boom and it has been increasing day by day. We have come up with the top digital marketing interview questions and answers in 2020 for everyone. We have covered the basic to advanced level interview questions of digital marketing. Here we have covered SEO interview question answers.

These days whether it is a beginner or an experienced one, everyone wants to know the basic level interview questions and also the advanced level to crack the toughest interviews of Digital Marketing. However, we have to sum up various questions related to SEO, SMO, PPC, YouTube, Email marketing, etc. We have also given the answers to it. SEO interview question answers are very important for everyone.

SEO is considered to be the soul of Digital Marketing. It’s because none can even imagine his overall marketing strategy without the existence of SEO in it. With such an ever-increasing demand for SEO in this highly competitive market, people have started making their career in this field. More and more people have started relying on the internet to fulfilling their daily requirements. Whether it’s shopping, getting some information, or promoting anything, the Internet has always been a savior! SEO interview question answers proved to be a backbone for an interview seeking people.

Are you planning completely to make SEO as your profession? If yes, then you might have been trying out for a job as an SEO specialist in various organizations. But, have you got it yet? If not, then it’s the time for you to know that you lack behind in some aspects. For being successful in an SEO interview, there exists a need for you to indulge in the SEO interview preparation thoroughly. You should be well aware of SEO and its elements. Since it’s a diverse term, you would have to learn about a plethora of SEO interview questions.

No need for you to worry since we have come up with a complete list of the most common SEO interview questions answers. It’s surely going to be the best assistance so that you are able to crack even the most difficult SEO interviews with no hassle. Read on further to know more about these important SEO interview questions.

What do you mean by SEO?

SEO is considered to be a short form of Search Engine Optimization. It’s a process that is formulated with the intention of obtaining organic traffic on your website with the help of various search engines. With its help, your website is going to get a higher rank on the search engine result pages making a strong online presence of your site.

What are the different types of SEO?

SEO is majorly classified into two types, and these are On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

  • On-Page SEO:  Under On-Page SEO, the necessary changes are made on the notable landing page.  All changes are done live on the website.
  • Off-Page SEO: Under Off-Page SEO, the links are built up according to the kind of content that’s available on different platforms.

What is a search engine?

A search engine is considered to be software that is present on the World Wide Web. It showcases the overall information according to the user query. Search engines provide useful and highly-suited data to the user that the user is expecting to get. There are many search engines present online, and the most common out of these are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. 

What is SERP?

On expanding SERP, it refers to the Search Engine Results Page that provides a long list of the search results according to the user’s searched keywords. Each search consists of the page URL, website’s name, and short description of the article.

What do you know about the Keyword Prominence in SEO?

Keyword Prominence is defined as an SEO technique that includes the placing of phrases or keywords in the Meta tags, opening paragraphs, or anywhere else in the content. It is quite crucial when it comes to providing a higher rank to your webpage on various search engines.

What is On-Page SEO?

SEO considers the process of On-Page as an important activity. In the On-Page SEO, the human pages are optimized in a certain manner that would let it rank higher on search engines. As a result of this, there is an entry of more visitors to your website via multiple search engines.

There are multiple things contained in On-Page SEO, and these include Meta descriptions, title tags, Meta keyword tags, image optimization, heading tags, URL strings, SEO factors, site speed, etc.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO refers to a process in which you will be identifying the various methods for increasing your website’s rank from the notable SERPs. The most important elements of Off-Page SEO include Link building, brand mentions, and social media marketing.

What do you mean by Link Building in SEO?

Explaining in a basic language, Link Building refers to a process in which the various incoming links to the website are formulated. There are multiple ways of achieving the finest results of Link Building in SEO. These include:

  • Start submitting your site to other directories. These website directories are going to provide a link to your website.
  • Connecting the link to each other’s website that is also known as Reciprocal Linking.
  • If your website is also published in the newsletter of any other site, it’s also counted amongst the link building activities in SEO.
  • Buy blog posts from an eminent blogger. It means that the blogger would be writing about your product and publishing on his/her website.

What is Alexa Rank in SEO?

Alexa has come up with a ranking system, and it is none other than the Alexa rank. It is prominently famous for calculating a website’s quality. Apart from that, it also designates a rank to that website according to its quality amongst the various websites, whether worldwide or locally. Alexa Rank is designed in a way that it would provide in-depth information about the website, such as on-site visits, bounce rate, etc.

What are the benefits of SEO?

SEO is way too important, and it’s quite beneficial when it comes to providing a notable online presence to a website. Some useful benefits are here:

  • It enhances the quality of user-experience.
  • It is considered to be an important source for lead generation.
  • It has the capability to maintain a higher conversion rate.
  • It increases brand credibility.
  • It increases your online presence.
  • It would establish your brand awareness.
  • It’s going to give your website a higher rank on search engines.

Define keywords.

Keywords are the important topics or terms which define everything about your content. They are the words that a layman or a user would search on the search engines. You can also call them as the search inquiries. These are considered to be the most important elements behind the higher rank of a website.

What are the different types of keywords?

There are 9 types of keywords, and each one of them is responsible for maximizing the SEO efforts. They are mentioned below:

  • Short-tail keyword
  • Long-tail keyword
  • Short-term fresh keyword
  • Long-term evergreen keyword
  • Product defining keyword
  • Customer defining keyword
  • Geo-targeting keyword
  • LSI keyword
  • Intent targeting keywords

What is Page Rank?

Page rank, or PR is a very important algorithm that Google Search puts into use for measuring a website’s authority.

What is the importance of backlinks in SEO?

Another name of backlinks is the inbound link, and they are done from one website to the other. Backlinking is quite important, and it’s because Google and other search engines give more priority to those websites which have more backlinks. While creating relevant backlinks, it stands quite mandatory for the concerned person to keep a check on website authority as well as the spam score of the same.

What do you know about the character limit of title and description tags?

The description tag length is 160 characters and the title tag length is up to 70 characters approximately.

  1. What is a Meta description?

A Meta Description is a short-length description appearing under the respective site on the SERPs. It serves the intention of enabling the viewers to know about the content inside that website. With it, the viewer is going to get a fair idea about whether the site will be beneficial for him or not.

  1. What is the domain?

A domain is the most significant element that is known to describe the whole website. It’s an address from where your online users are going to have access to your website. There are various domain extensions, and these include .com, .net, etc.

What do you know about hosting?

With the help of hosting, it has become easier for web developers to maintain and develop their website. Generally, hosting comes up with a hosting agency provider that is considered responsible for maintaining the overall technical back-end computing infrastructure.

What are do-follow links?

As the name suggests, do-follow links are something that every user must follow no matter what. These kinds of links provide flexibility to the search engines for following the links. As a result of this, they are able to reach the target website easily. The do-follow links are highly responsible for giving a higher rank to your website. All links ate do-follow links by default.

What do you understand by Cloaking?

Cloaking is a majorly used SEO technique that includes the usage of two types of content. One content would be presented for the distinct search engine crawlers. The other content is used for the notable user browser.

What is keyword density?

Keyword density is the quantity or percentage of relevant keywords that would be used on the webpage in comparison to the total number of words of the content on the site. For anyone who needs to get a grasp of SEO, should undoubtedly know about the concept of keyword density.

How is Link Building beneficial?

There are many advantages of Link Building. They are mentioned here:

  • If your website is supported by a good number of high-quality links, your website will witness an increased ranking.
  • It would help your website in attaining quality traffic.
  • It would assist your website in marking its presence on a map.
  • With its ability to generate more traffic to your website, you would be able to earn more income.
  • What do you mean by the organic result?

Organic results in SEO are considered to be the relevant and preferable listings on SERP. These organic results appear as a result of the search term and SEO efforts too.

What is indexing?

Under indexing, there is an existence of data organization in accordance with a definite plan/scheme. With the help of indexing, the information is showcased in a rather accessible and presentable manner.

What is meant by a sitemap?

A sitemap is a notable file that contains relevant information about the various elements of the respective website. These elements include WebPages, videos, pictures, content, etc. Also, it helps in notifying the users about the relationship between these multiple elements of your website.

What is Crawl Anomaly?

Crawl anomaly is a type of indexing error where Google is not able to index your website. It means it is returning either 400 or 500 status code error. However, it is a crawling or indexing issue that can be resolved by fetching the URL in the inspection tool. If the problem persists then you need to check the server. This is the technical SEO interview question answers for everyone in 2020.

What is the text ratio on Facebook?

Ans: It is 20%.

What restricted things need not be used in email marketing?

Ans: You cannot use the free word in email marketing. You cannot the excessive personalization words in the mailer, newsletter, etc like:

4U, for you, dear friend, congratulations, congratulations, you have been selected, you won, etc.

What is the robots.txt file?

It is a simple directive, command or instruction to the spiders not to crawl the unwanted URL.

What are the top SEO Components?

Ans: On-Page, Off-Page, and content including the page speed, user experience, URL structure, robots.txt, sitemap.xml, internal links, external links, technical SEO, link building, etc.

What is the thumbnail size of YouTube?

Ans:  1280* 720 is the standard size.

What are the main tools of SEO?

Ans: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Trends, Moz, Keyword Planner Tool, SEMRUSH, AHREF, WOORANK, SEO SITE CHECKUP, etc.

What is FFA in SEO?

Ans: It is free for all. In this, you can get the opportunity to submit the link for free on the site.

What is cloaking?

Ans: Cloaking in SEO is a deceptive black hat SEO technique that is not recommended. It means the content is shown to the user is different and content shown to search crawler is different. So, it is not a recommended technique.

What are the doorway pages?

Ans: Doorway pages work as a door between the user, and content just to give complete SEO value to low-quality pages on the web.

What is Sandbox in Google in SEO?

Ans: The new-made websites or fresh new websites are kept in the sandbox by Google because of their less authority.  It is known as Google Sandbox.

What is a canonical issue?

Ans: Canonical issue occurs when Google identifies all of your web pages opening from HTTP or https as different. This creates a mess and Google thinks that you have duplicate pages. To curb this situation SEOs should use 301 redirections. This is among the very important SEO interview question answers.

38. What is a permanent or temporary redirection?

Ans: 301 redirection is a permanent redirection or 302 is temporary redirection.

What are soft 404 errors?

Ans: Soft 404 errors are a type of error in which the HTTP response code does not return the 404 or 410 status code. It returns 200 Ok status codes which tell Google that there is not any content or an error page.

Which are the most important factors to rank a website in 2020?

Ans: The most important factors in 2020 are technical SEO, rank brain, E.A.T, or following the Google search quality guidelines in 2020.

Most important things are technical SEO in which the content, deep internal linking or off-page SEO is considered very important.

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SEO has always been and would continue to be the most important factor behind a business’s amazing online presence. On having a look at the above-written SEO interview question answers, you would have by now got to know much about the various SEO interview questions. Now that you have known about these, you would definitely pass the whole interview with flying colors. It’s because the whole array of 2020 SEO interview question answers has been formulated after extensive research.


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