4 Essential Steps to Content Creation Using SEO and Digital Marketing

4 Essential Steps to Content Creation Using SEO and Digital Marketing

At a time when traditional advertising is finding it increasingly difficult to convince customers, brands are wondering about the most relevant options to have more profitability, but also visibility. However, content creation using SEO and digital marketing is awesome.

The consumer, for his part, is looking for solutions and uses the Internet as a guide to finding them.

Aware of this, brands are embarking on content marketing in order to offer the answers expected by this potential client.

If you are one of the companies that have adopted content marketing, you got it right. Because it allows to:

To achieve these objectives through content marketing, we suggest that you go through these 4 stages: planning, production, promotion, and analysis.

1 – Planning: a Decisive Step

For what reason do you write content?

Is it related to one of your campaigns or do you just want to feed your blog like SEO services?

Is it a post intended for an open audience (example: a post that you publish on your blog) or for a restricted audience (example the target that one seeks to reach in the case of content production for a campaign).

These are questions you need to answer before you start producing content. The answers will allow you to better define the perimeter of the latter, but also to align your content marketing objectives with your commercial objectives.

There are different types of formats for content. Depending on the objective sought and the target audience, you must adapt your content to the needs of your personas.  You have several types of formats available to you:

What are you writing about? What theme will you tackle? What persona are you writing for? What is his level of maturity (does he knows exactly what his need is? Is he in the phase of comparing various products that meet his need)?

To properly define your subject you must know what your ideal client is looking for in order to be the one who will give the right solutions.

Answering these questions allows you to choose the subjects that meet the objectives of the persona. 

You can, for example, assess its level of maturity, in order to discover what type of content you will serve it. You will be able to choose to offer him content that will help him better understand his need or solve his problem.

Planning is a stage of reflection that requires your permanent questioning in order to propose a content strategy that fits with the needs of your readers, with a suitable format. Content creation using SEO and digital marketing offers the best possible things to get potential business.

2 – Creation: a mix between relevance and usefulness

You have just updated your content creation plan; it’s time to move on to its production. To do this, we share with you some best practices to take into account to succeed in this step.

Make sure that your content is in line with the level of maturity of your personas.

Keep an educational spirit, your content should educate and not promote. As long as your target is not yet at the decision stage, do not mention your product.

Instead, focus attention on the solution you are proposing. Look, for example, at the latest advertisement for the Iphone6s.

The reader’s attention is focused on how Siri makes our lives easier by allowing us to have answers faster.

A companion who accompanies you in your everyday life and who helps you in decision-making. The same thing applied to content creation using SEO and digital marketing.

3 – Distribution, be visible to everyone

If all the stages of content creation are important, that of distribution takes on a particular aspect.

Its role is to popularize your content and “make it a star”.

Experts recommend spending as much time promoting content as creating it.

Set the perfect time to share your content and take advantage of all available channels to promote it.

If your blog is your first dissemination channel, do not miss the opportunity to share your content on social networks.

Mailing is also a tool to consider in your distribution.

Indeed, warning subscribers to your newsletter helps to give more visibility to your post.

Do not hesitate to update your content by adding new information relating to the aspects that you had dealt with. This will maximize its lifespan.

4 – Analysis

The analysis allows you to know the effectiveness of your content.

It offers you the opportunity to understand which actions have worked well, but more importantly, it allows us to identify areas for improvement.

Many indicators can be taken into account in this analysis. It actually depends on the goal you were looking for.

From there you will be able to determine the performance indicators that are most relevant to you. We give you some examples of indicators below:

This list is not exhaustive, but it is a good starting point for your analysis. Remember, this last step shows how to improve the content marketing strategy, but also its visibility.

It will give you the opportunity to check if this strategy aligns with the expectations of your target audience, if the format is adequate and if the distribution is efficient.

So, are you ready to do content marketing? If so, share your experience with us in the comments. We will be happy to discuss the performance of your content.


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