how to handle your social media ad campaign

Techpally allude Ad Strategy using TOFU, MOFU & BOFU

Many experts recommend diversifying your traffic sources. While you’re working on ranking your website and pages on search engines, you should also source traffic from social media and possibly run ads on sites with your target audience. While this sound good having multiple traffic source, it’s not easy making success from running ads either on social media, forum, or other sites. Creating Ads are not a big deal but the main thing is Ad strategy.

Making success from Ads is not a joke

According to Techpally, the sales funnel should also be used sensibly in the area of search engine advertising in order to successfully improve SEA campaigns and optimize the conversion rate.

So think about the needs of your customers at each stage of the marketing funnel and address them separately and effectively.

For this it is important to identify corresponding keywords that indicate the corresponding position in the sales funnel.

This gives you the opportunity to create ad campaigns that are optimized for the respective phase of the marketing funnel.

In the course of this, we recommend that you create individual ad groups for ToFu, MoFu and BoFu and manage them separately, says chaktty.

We will explain to you what you need to consider in the individual stages of the sales funnel and how you can generate leads in this way.  

Creating attention in tofu

Do you want to generate attention for a specific topic? Then you should rely on display and YouTube advertising in the ToFu, businesspally expert.

Align your campaigns to the broad mass of users, rely on open targeting and focus on your existing customers, the so-called lookalike audience.

At this point in the marketing funnel, it’s all about making a first impression on users and arousing their interest.  

Make an impression in the mofu

The users who are in the MoFu are already one step further on their way to the final purchase decision.

Search engines are the first point of contact for them to get an initial overview of a specific topic.

The goal in this phase of the marketing funnel is therefore: create awareness for your brand and position it among the first results of the search.

For this, you should use search ads that appeal to your custom audience.

Strengthens the interest of your potential customers and convinces them of your company. 

Purchase completion through remarketing in Bofu

In the last step of the marketing funnel, users need less general information and content on the topic than concrete advantages and unique selling points that your product or service offers.

In this phase of the sales funnel, you should use remarketing in Google search, on YouTube and on the display network to set the final impulse for the purchase decision.

Address your customers in a very targeted manner and advertise the offers that the users have previously viewed but not bought.  BOFU is all about the Ad strategy.

Be successful with the help of the sales funnel

The Marketing Funnel is a very helpful tool in almost all online marketing disciplines and helps you to make the right decisions at the right time, says business pally.

Do you also want to address your customers in a very targeted manner and provide them with the appropriate information about the phase they are currently in?

Then feel free to contact us , because we are experts in the field of online marketing and can successfully optimize your ad strategy.

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