The ultimate approach to emotional content marketing

The ultimate approach to emotional content marketing

The consumer base of current times is far more educated and well equipped to find their desired piece of information. The emotional content marketing approach has been perfect these days.

They are constantly flooded with ads, which often raises a question, “how can you help your company stand out?”

And the solution is simple, you tap into the primary components that drive consumers.

That means you use their attention spans, purchasing decisions and emotions for your benefit.

And we are going to help you with that, assist you at understanding the powers of emotional marketing and how one can retain leverage from it to connect with potential consumers, influencing them to act as per your wishes.

But before we delve into how you can achieve emotional marketing, let’s understand what emotional marketing really is and what emotions are.

Emotional marketing refers to a segment of marketing that primarily uses emotional states to influence the audience into noticing brands’ Wikipedia editing service, remembering them, sharing their content and making purchases. The marketing method taps into internal states, whether one-dimensional or more; the emotions that are induced as a result benefit companies. 

To understand emotions better, you can witness Robert Plutchik’s wheel of emotions that showcases states in a spectrum.

Even the slightest shifts within the spectrum can create a whole new emotional state.

However, all emotions root from the four basic states that are happy, sad, surprise and anger. 

How emotional
marketing works – 3 examples

There is this common phrase that goes along the lines, ‘’ignorance is bliss’’. It has been said for a reason, people feel more than they want to and that is how nature is.

And that is exactly why and how emotional marketing works. 

Emotional marketing
tailors positive impressions

What stands out for
you when you meet someone new? What do you think generates that impression?

Similarly, first impressions of companies are backed by emotions. The audience does not delay the formation of impressions.

Based on whatever emotions they are able to associate with a service or a product, they carve it on their perception that gets carried on for pretty long.

It only takes a few seconds to shift an impression, which emphasizes how important it is to induce adept emotional states.

Emotional marketing
aids in making decisions 

Once again, emotional states influence consumers to make a purchase. For example, think about your last purchase.

What made you buy it because to be real you felt something about that product that drove you to make a purchase? 

It is true that human beings are ruled by emotional states, whether it is their decisions or actions, beliefs or principles; it all comes down to emotions.

Studies show how consumers depend on emotions more than they do on information when it comes to making decisions. And emotional marketing influences intentions gives incentives and crafts reasoning.

Marketing campaigns that followed the core concepts of emotional content have been performing twice as well than those who kept their content entirely rational. 

Emotional marketing
inspires people to take action 

We know how strong
emotional marketing is when it comes to eliciting purchases, it also influences
other activities that assist business growth. To break it down, here is what it

  • A positive emotional state inspires the viewer to share content. And the more the content gets shared, the more increase there will be in raising brand awareness. Studies have established that positive emotions stand out on social media than any other content. 

  • Overwhelming emotional states cause the audience to empathize with content and that leads to altruism. Which drives the obligation to act for others. There is a reason why certain organizations use moving music and sad visuals whilst asking for donations. 

  • Surprising emotional states elicit perceptions that enable companies to appear as a good thing in an unjust world. Which links to consumers depending on the brand when things take an unappealing turn. 

  • Anger related emotional states generate loyal followed and viral contents. For example, you look at Facebook and how tragedies and political issues are common on the platform. And they receive tons of attention from the viewers. Stronger emotions lead to viral content and enhanced viewership. 

To sum it up in

Weaving emotional states within marketing strategies and advertisements is a promising method to attract, relate to and engage audiences.

It is the ultimate weapon to connect with the audience and all you need to do is understand your viewers, as to what emotions resonate with them the most.

Based on that you align emotions and your aims, into crafting the ultimate emotional marketing. One that works the best for you increases your visibility, helps you stand out and establishes a meaningful relationship with the audience.

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