SEO Ranking Factors 2019

Best SEO Ranking Factors in 2019

SEO Ranking Factors 2019

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) factor is the criterion to be a well established and useful webpage. In this twenty-first century, it is mandatory to be updated in no time. And to do so, a flawless webpage is needed.

To be a #1 page in Google some crucial points are always needed to be followed. Here we go –

1. A Secure and Accessible Website

The first and foremost thing to be in a good place in the ranking, your website should be secured.

It is mention-worthy that in both the years 2014 and 2017, HTTPS was the most SEO ranking factor.

And of course, it is relevant for today. If a user finds any insecurity while using the page, it would drop the acceptability in people.

On the other hand, as different people are using Google, the website should be easily accessible.

If a user finds trouble to access the website, needless to say, he will not be interested anymore.

2. Page Speed

As per “The Telegraph” observed, late of 4 seconds can cause major loss.

In this fast-growing world late for just one millisecond can cause serious problems.

So, keep it in mind that your webpage is loading fast, especially for phones.

As the number of mobile phone users is increasing day by day than the number of users for desktop.

Thus, Google mobile ranking factor should also be observed as well.

3. Mobile Friendliness

Here we come with another issue called Mobile Friendliness. Let be mentioned that in the year 2015, mobile usability was the most important SEO ranking factor.

It consists of the fact of the flexibility of the webpage, i.e whether your webpage is fixed according to the screen size of the user’s phone or is it possible to read with big font in a comparatively smaller phone.

Now if these three preliminary conditions are satisfied, then we can proceed for the next and most important factor.

4. Optimized content

It will never be helpful if you enter in a well-decorated house but nobody lives there.

Similarly, if we click on a webpage which is finely secured and loaded fast but has no such user content, everything will go in vain.

Useful and well-informed consent is the backbone of every user-friendly page. No one can tell that a page without good content can be ranked. High-quality content always attracts and satisfy the user.

The content should be full of information and should be written in such a manner that everyone may understand and relate to it.

There should be three things present in the content.

A. Metadata: Important points should be introduced in SERPs to get more concentration. To do so, metadata should be written in a brief informative manner.

B. Schema: This is a hidden component of the website which contains the keyword for search engine.

C. Internal link structure: Links for free information in any other authorized webpage or links for online videos may be shared in the article.

5. Technical SEO

The web page should have voice search advantage.

A major part of users likes to say what they are looking for rather than typing.

It also should have site architecture for better navigation.

Also, if the age of the webpage is more (like three years) it may be a plus point for the page.

The URL is also important for both mobile phone and desktop. Also, focus on Keywords mostly related to the topic to be user convenient.

The technical SEO is not implemented by anyone it’s executed only by SEO Experts in India.

You can contact him and perform all the changes according to SEO ranking factors in 2019.

6. User Experience

Another important topic comes into the scene. If you are not aware of user experience, rather, you don’t show that you are eager to know what a user is thinking about your page, it would be quite disappointing.

Client case studies (what they like about the page, what improvements are needed) are one of the most useful factors. You need to understand the most important and comment queries a user can have in any particular topic.


If you serve better and unique, you would definitely be recognized as an individual one. So with the WebPages Just follow the criteria and go for it.

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