What is SEO in 2020

What is SEO in 2020?

SEO in 2020?

Anyone who has the slightest idea of digital marketing, knows well what is SEO especially in 2020. The world of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is ever-changing. Optimization techniques that were once super successful are no more helpful today. SEO is much more than spamming Google with keywords and links. It is not just about how to rank a keyword in SEO in 2020.

There are several sophisticated strategies, such as keyword gap analysis, competitor gap analysis, and so on, that help in increasing organic traffic.

There are a wide variety of effective techniques of SEO which one needs to use to survive in the dynamic and competitive landscape of SEO.

The very basic things about SEO:

A few things that will remain the same, even in the Year 2020, are the basics of SEO 2020. These important components are:

  • Search volumes behind keywords
  • Traffic coming from organic search
  • Keywords as well as keyword targeting
  • Conversions of consumers who are searching for the targeted keywords

The SEO experts emphasize on the below given four points for effective search engine optimization:

  • Content
  • Technical SEO
  • Link Building
  • Heading tags  optimization

Some of the latest SEO 2020 trends are as follows:

More marketers will be leveraging influencers for SEO:

According to a recent study, over 17% of businesses and companies spend around half of their entire marketing budget on influencers. If you work with an influencer, it will enable you to generate traffic, amplify your content reach and increase your visibility. It is better to make a partnership with an influencer who is already engaged with your target audience.


BERT or Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers will enable anyone to train their system of question answering. BERT will have an impact on one out of ten enquires. Marketers who utilize the BERT technique will have a higher probability of ranking on the first page. Google utilizes BERT for a better understanding of the natural language. But it is possible to optimize for the intent behind search queries. This intent matching is very necessary for the creation of successful content.

Digital experiences:

Around 44% of companies have shifted to a digital-first approach. This will improve the customer experience.

One of the most significant factors is page load speed. Your highly engaging web page will mean nothing if your page does not load quickly.

You can focus on the user experience in order to help your potential clients with the information they need. It is essential to make it easy for visitors to search for whatever they are looking for.

Mobile search:

SEO in 2020 is incomplete without the mobile search. According to recent studies, about 80% of internet users prefer internet surfing on their mobile phones. And about 40 transactions take [place via mobile phones. On the first of July, 2019, Google shifted to mobile-first indexing. This has improved the user experience

Since then. If you have voice search optimization, then you need to get optimized for mobile search too. You will not get satisfactory search engine results if you have not optimized for mobile phones.

Video – the new content king:

Google loves videos, and hence it is one of the most significant parts where SEO experts put in efforts. A video has 50 times more chances to appear on the first page than a webpage with plain and simple texts. According to a recent study, around 62% of the Google universal studies consist of videos. You can try creating effective YouTube videos that offer support to the existing content of your website. It is necessary to embed videos on your website. This will get you more traffic.

Content length:

High-quality content will enable you to survive the cut-throat competition to appear on the ranking of the first page. But quantity is equally important. People often argue a lot about the ideal length of a blog post. According to researchers, the average length of the top ten search results is around 2000 words. Web pages that are long enough and have engaging and high-quality content will enjoy a higher level of visibility. Lengthy articles naturally increase the visiting time period. Lengthy and high-quality content help you in increasing your ranking in the search query.

Several types of SEO trends will rule the world of digital marketing in the year 2020. It will be a good idea to invest some amount of your marketing budget in a good digital marketing agency. The experts there will enable you to rank higher by using several techniques of SEO. No one can completely understand everything about SEO. It is all about algorithm updates. The professional SEO experts alone can keep themselves updated regarding the latest trends of SEO 2020. You can consider investing in SEO as a long term strategy because this will result in lead generation. You will be able to stay at the top of search engine results. So, in 2020, try investing in some updated SEO trends and reap the benefits accordingly.

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