7+ Free Social Media Management Tool That Can Boost Your Business in 2021

7+ Free Social Media Management Tool That Can Boost Your Business in 2021

We are living in the digital arena, nowadays if someone wants to grow the business he/she has to forget about the old school management skills.

As we know, interacting with people or customers has come very far with the use of social media, but one thing that is still common is giving time to the customers or the targeted audience. Yes its easier to connect with anyone but living in a fast paced life , its even harder to handle lot of conversations at a same time.

So for the solution of it we have some tools that can manage the social media accounts and helps you to save time and money as they are free initially.

You don’t have to hire someone to use the tools, just need to select the perfect one for you according to your needs and with just few clicks you can SCHEDULE, PUBLISH,  MONITOR and get reports for the tons of posts at the same time.

Here’s our list of top 7 free social media management tools for your business in 2021

 1> SocialOomph

One of the very first users of the twitter API, providing schedule posting services since 2008, Socialoomph is a quality management  tool for the social media accounts. Ranked in top 5% of the management tool apps.

It basically makes the twitter experience better by scheduling the tweets and has the capacity to handle other accounts activities such as Facebook , LinkedIn, WordPress blogs and many more. They are offering a 30 day free trial for their services to check whether they can suits your needs or not.

Here are some of the features of it.

  • BULK uploading facility
  • Post queues- Helps to automatically feed the social media accounts with the posts queues.
  • Monitor the keywords on the Twitter
  • Self destructing posts – Automatically delete the outdated information from the account feed. You can create a self destructing post easily by selecting the duration of the post initially.
  • Helpful for the individuals as well as teams.



  • No video tutorials , there are help docs to understand the working of the tool
  • No email or live chat support for the help.


Moving further on the list there is another professional tool known as SPROUTSOCIAL.


Trusted by over 25000 brands . Sprout social is the most updated tool for the social media management. Giving the advantages to publish , schedule, draft and queue posts. With a 30 day free trial you can experience the power of management tools on the SPROUTSOCIAL.

We are pointing out some of the key features of its free plan.

  • 5 social profiles are provided
  • One inbox for all social media accounts
  • Facility to Monitor the profiles , keywords and location
  • iOS AND ANDROID mobile applications
  • One dashboard for all the accounts
  • Training and support are available through various mediums like Webinar , Live online chat, HelpDocs etc.

There are tons of features in the SproutSocial tool as you can review the post performance , track the brand  engagement,  Multi account  management and many more.


  • Instagram Integration tool is screaming for help as you’ll not be able to schedule a post on instagram
  • Complex interface
  • Not able to get reports for a particular country or region wise.


Moving further, here is no.3 of our list , the most well known popular tool


An optimal and a time saver tool for social media management that has the capability to schedule 100s of posts 24×7.It also gives us the opportunity to examine the reports of the campaign to understand the performance and improvement areas better.

Best for small businesses and for bloggers, Its a useful tool.

 With easy to use interface Hootsuite has many feature to offer.

  • Gives a single user 3 social accounts on 1 dashboard.
  • You can schedule up to 30 messages in advance.
  • Keyword tracking and hashtag monitoring
  • Publish and schedule the same post for different time zones simultaneously
  • RSS feeds can be used as a content source
  • WordPress integration
  • Access to the App directory which have more than 150 apps integration.
  • Free training with Hootsuite academy


  • Customer support system may be not as fast as per the expectations. It takes even 24 hr to receive the response on the query


A fully loaded social media management tool with easy to use interface .It can be called as the ultimate timesaver. Agorapulse is giving a 28 day free trial to the new users to give them a glimpses of their services at no cost.

Here are some features from the Agorapulse management tool service

  • Posting images and videos to Instagram is a much needed feature that some of the other management tools lacks.
  • Sending common replies to a particular comment or question of a customer automatically.
  • Can be used by the teams.
  • Content approval facility for the content creator teams .
  • The exact reporting feature helps you to understand the improvement areas and point to point details about the campaign.


  • Saving posts to draft feature is not available.
  • No integration tool for the Google Mybusiness.



Its an excellent social media management tool for both teams and agencies. In order to stay on you of your Marketing process,  you should have a competitive management tool.

More than 1 lakh businesses are using this tool for their social media management purpose.

Social Pilot has the capability to run all the  networks such as Facebook,  Twitter,  Instagram,  LinkedIn,  Google My Business and Pinterest.

Giving a free 14 day trial which is shorter than the compared 30 day trial offered by other competitors.

Some of the key features

  • A powerhouse for Publishing posts.
  • Mobile apps availability
  • Post repetition feature, which helps you to repeat a particular post upto 10 times for a particular furcation.
  • Easy to use interface
  • Detailed report on the performance.


  • Instagram is not set to automatically posting feature.It will create a notification for the time of the post. You have to manually post the feed.
  • Customer Support Could be much more faster .As it takes 24 hour to respond to query.



It has a very simple and clean layout to post. You can schedule the posts in bulk in advance for a week or even for a month is winning feature of this tool.

In the free 14 day trial they are giving the service with some awesome features as mentioned below

  • 3 social accounts for a single user access.
  • Limited no. Of posts per day , per week , per month in free account.
  • Analyze tab to help you to track the performance of the post
  • Link shortening tool for social media posts.

 Easy to use interface  which is divided in three separate tools



  • Instagram integration is not available.
  • Monitoring tools for mentions, searches and hashtags is not available. You will need a separate tool for the monitoring purpose.



As similar to the other social media management but relatively easy to use. Designed for scheduling and content management task, Friends+me helps you to repost the posts of your google+ account to the other social media platforms very smoothly.

It can bright up the social side of your business by helps you to manage the various connection on the Facebook,  Tumblr and many more.

 All in all its a perfect tool for mainly GOOGLE+ BRANDS


  • Free plan never ends unless you want to upgrade it.
  • 2 social media accounts
  • You can schedule 5 post per particular profile.
  • Can add 1 additional team member in the account.
  • Link shortening facility is available.
  • Mobile application.
  • Standard support facility available.

I hope you got the right one for you from our list of 7 social media management tools that will help you in the 2021.Best way is to opt a free trial and take a look on the feature by posting and connecting your social media to the variety of tools.


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