5 Things You Must Know About Attendance Software

5 Things You Must Know About Attendance Software

Companies, increasingly active in global markets, have long since overcome the physical and psychological barriers of the office. Work shifts and overtime can be done from home while traveling to other locations.

Attendance software is becoming increasingly sophisticated to adapt to these changes. Precisely this software, far from becoming obsolete, represents a guaranteed tool for the employer and the employees.

Let’s see what the things you must know about attendance software are.

Transparency And Self-Service

Fortunately, the time has gone when employees mark attendance with a sign in a register or on an excel sheet. But now, the best attendance software offers the worker a personal page that records everything (signings, overtime management, leaves, requests, etc.) and allows them to interact with the processes in real-time.


Thanks to the geolocation system, the employee no longer has to go to the company to clock in. This feature is inbuilt with attendance tracking software that allows employees to sign in or sign out when they are on outside duty. Undoubtedly, another thing is the cloud.


All companies that want to modernize their own organizational processes must move to web-based attendance control software that allows remote clock-in.

Especially since they are usually accompanied by an adaptable interface or an app that allows use from portable devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Security And Compliance

Data storage in the cloud allows remote access and, at the same time, offers greater security. Cloud attendance software stands out when talking about security. The data, with continuous backup copies, is protected from possible hardware failures or other problems with the operation that affect the company network.

Likewise, the best attendance software guarantees the privacy of your company. Thanks to processes and technologies optimized by attendance software providers.

Synchronization Of Schedules And Shifts

Each company has its needs. Based on these, they set the strategies for managing human talent.

In this case, attendance control software easily adapts to those needs.

But how do they do it? This software allows you to configure different schedules and define as many work shifts as necessary. All this is to carry out optimized time management and adjust to the work team’s reality.

The excellent use of working time provides effective results for any company, regardless of its size, objectives, and activities.

Benefits Of Having Attendance Control Software

Using attendance software is not something new. What happens is that everything is changing, and you have to adapt. Technology plays a significant role; today, attendance control software makes everything more versatile. Among its many advantages are the following:

  • Precision: By installing attendance control software, fraud, time theft, and mistakes are reduced. The control is carried out automatically, and both managers and employees know and monitor their times and data, all in real-time.
  • Increased Productivity: Its lets you save time, those who control the system finish their responsibilities faster and focus on other activities. With this, the time to make the payroll is minimized, and progress is made quickly in calculations such as days worked, vacation management, and absenteeism.     
  • Reliable Reports: Collect the necessary information quickly and safely, and create reports and statistics with easy visualization and understanding. 
  • Easy installation: It is usually done through intuitive programs with backup support to consult in case of any doubt or ignorance of any system tool. It can be installed on computers, tablets, and mobiles.
  • More Satisfied Employees: The attendance software represents an efficient and reliable tool. Ensure accurate and timely payments: The worker will not have to approach human resources to ask a question. 
  • Flexible work hours: It allows doing so as long as the total hours to work are met.
  • Tailor-made system: It can be customized as per the company’s requirements.

NYGGS attendance software brings all these options together in one system. So that you can carry out efficient and constantly improving management.

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